Wednesday, June 23, 2010


We finally made it back to California to visit family and friends. It had been too long! This is a pretty long post...too many pictures and too many fun times!

We first spent a few days with Bobba and Zaida. They took us to the beach. Owen was fascinated and enjoyed walking in the sand.

Dylan and Colin worked on a huge sand structure complete with two moats connected by a bridge.

The next day we went to Tannaka Farms where we went on a farm tour and strawberry picking. Owen ate his weight in strawberries for sure! What a fun day!

Then it was off to Renee's graduation...the whole reason for our trip! In August, Renee will be coming to Lexington to go to college at University of Kentucky!!! YAY!

We went out to dinner after the ceremony and it was a late night at Dave and Busters. A bit too late for Colin. :)

On out last day there, Bobba took us to the Irvine Park and railroad. We took a train ride through the park and got to learn a lot of history about the place. It was really fun!

We then went down to spend a few days at Chris and Vicki's house with their 4 boys Tyler, Blake, Grant and Chase. The 7 boys got along really well and had a great time together! The first morning we were there, Grant had a track meet. We went to cheer him on...he won a first place medal, 2 seconds, a third and 2 fourths! Not a bad job Grant!!!

We went to visit Amir and Deb and their 2 kids Nate and Lily. We had a really nice evening with them. Owen was rather taken with Lily and kept hugging her. It was cute.

While we were eating dinner at Amir and Deb's, Amir asked if we had heard of a show called Ben 10 Alien Force. Of course we have! It is only Dylan and Colin's favorite show! Well, an artist for the show lives 2 houses down from them and he actually came over to meet us. He signed some pictures and answered some questions Dylan and Colin had. He was a really nice guy and the kids were thrilled to meet him!

Owen discovered the iPod at Aunt Vicki and Uncle Chris' house!

Even though Vicki's kids were still in school, they had 2 furlough days. We spent "Furlough Fun Day" (as we called it) in the pool and hanging out together!

We are not too sure of Owen's new piano teacher. Something tells us he is not totally legit.

In the morning, Vicki came downstairs dressed in a sundress. Colin said "Aunt Vicki, you look so beautiful." Her heart melted. Then, after he was done swimming, Colin got dressed up in a blue plaid shirt, blue plaid shorts (in a slightly different pattern), and a tie "all for Aunt Vicki".

The trampoline was a big hit with the kids. Even Owen had a lot of fun on it. His cousins were so gentle and careful with him on it. It was really sweet!

These kids were so amazing on the trampoline! Grant could do a flip and land on his feet. Tyler got so high in the air! Tyler really reminds me of Chris when he was that age.

Jonny went to a work conference in Vegas (Chris, Jonny, Vicki and I watched The Hangover the night before he left...that did not inspire confidence). While he was gone, Andrea and Renee went to Sea World with the boys and I.

We had a great time at Sea World. The boys were really good and enjoyed all of the shows! Here they are petting manta rays and sharks!

Owen was a bit clingy to me which was to be expected. Blake was one person he would regularly go to though!

We also visited Auntie Dee and Uncle Craig! The boys were in awe of their 4 pinball machines and arcade game and pool table! It was a fun evening.

I also got to visit with some high school friends who I have not seen in over 15 years!!! Nina, Lori, Suzanne and Stephanie brought their kids to a fun play place in Torrance. It was like old times! We did not skip a beat.

Colin with Chase and Grant.

Our last day in California was Fathers' Day. The whole family got together with Vicki's family and we had a BBQ. Such a fun day! Here is Jonny relaxing in the pool with Owen.

All of the cousins! I may be biased but aren't they a good-looking bunch?

Owen with Vicki's Dad, Papa Chuck! This was a picture of the oldest and youngest people at the BBQ! Pretty amazing! A 90 year difference!

A family picture. There are 2 very important people missing....Mom and Dad were certainly missed but it was really nice to have the whole family together again.

Monday, May 31, 2010

MAY 2010

Since I do the blog, it is only right that I put the most important day in May first...Mothers Day!

Here is Dylan reading his "I love My Mommy because" essay in class. It was so sweet!

We actually had a free Saturday this month...unheard of in our house! We had no idea what to do. So, we decided to paint out front door. This turned into "If you give a mouse a cookie" situation. It we are going to paint the door, we might as well change the lock. If we are going to change the lock, we need to change the hinges to match. If we change the hinges, we need to change the upper lock....etc etc. Colin helped Jonny with the door.

Meanwhile, we set up our tent in the front yard and Dylan hung out in the tent and read. Both Dylan and Colin really enjoy playing in tents and really want to go camping. I think we are going to go camping this summer with them. They will have a blast!

Then Dylan wanted to see if Owen would like a tractor ride. Turns out, Colin liked this MUCH better at this age than Owen did.

I am a fireman!!!

It is corn on the cob season! We gave Owen a half a cob just to see what he would do...he dug right in!

Hi Owen!

Jonny wanted to give Britney Spears a run for her money.

We went to Lowe's to do a kid project and the boys did really well with it.

They are at the point where they do not need much help at all with these projects!

Am I ready to make something????

Sunday, May 23, 2010

We had a busy day this Sunday, May 23. At church the kids were in charge of the service and they had a graduation for the children moving up in religious exploration classes, then Colin's school had their graduation, then there was a graduation celebration at Shilito Park. Phew!

Colin decided to dress up for the days festivities!

At church, the children performed a play based on a beautiful story called "Old Turtle and the Broken Truth" Here is Dylan playing the role of the fox.

Then off to Gan Shalom where Colin sang songs with his classmates for us and got his diploma. One more year of preschool and then he will be in kindergarten!! I cannot believe it!

Then off to Shilito park where Colin got his kite out and took turns flying it with his friends! They all chased each other with the cute!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Spring Sports

The kids have been having a busy spring (and keeping us busy driving them everywhere) with all of their sports!

First, Dylan wanted to take an ice skating class. Here he is warming up for the recital at the end of the class. The theme was singing in the rain so they all had umbrellas and raincoats in the beginning.

Then they took them off to reveal sunny clothes and finished the routine to Walking on Sunshine. It was really cute.

One of Owen's favorite things to do is play basketball. He LOVES getting baskets.

Perhaps he needs a few more years until he can reach this basket!

Colin played t-ball for the first time. He has really enjoyed it. Being on the Indians again was really nice because we know so many people on the team already from Dylan! Here he is taking a practice swing. He is pretty good at batting!

I still think the coaches are really brave getting that close to 4-6 years olds with bats!

Owen is ready for t-ball! Is this the right way to hold the bat?

Dylan also tried golf once ice skating was done. He seemed to enjoy this. He is in the blue and gray striped sweater.

Friday, April 30, 2010

APRIL 2010
The rest of April was full of activity. I always forget how busy the end of the year gets! It always takes me by surprise. Someday I will remember and prepare myself.

Colin recently began to ask Dylan for piggy back rides. I had no idea Dylan was big enough to actually give him one!

Colin played his first season of t-ball! He was so excited to be on the Indians. We had opening ceremonies in April.

Jonny was a coach. Here are the coaches dressed up to try to win the spirit award for the opening ceremonies! So not PC! :)

The Indians! Go Team. And, I just have to give a little pat on my back for making the signs all of the kids are carrying. That was fun!

And here is our youngest Indians fan! Someday he will be on the Indians...hopefully! The parents have it all planned out for the younger siblings to stay on the Indians.

Dylan was definitely outgrowing his bike so we got him a new bike! As soon as he saw it in the store, he knew it was the bike for him!

So, on the way home from getting Dylan's bike, Dylan told Colin that it was much easier to ride a bike with no training wheels. Something we have been telling Colin for ages. Well, since his big brother told him he could, Colin asked us to take his training wheels off when we got home. We were shocked!

He took to it right away! We were amazed at how quickly he picked it up! He could do everything except start on his own after the first day of trying!

Two peas in a pod....well, OK, two boys in a tractor. Technically, it is meant for one person but who cares about technicalities?

Randomly, one morning, Dylan and Colin came downstairs for school dressed exactly alike....down to the silly bands on their wrists. If you do not know what silly bands are, count yourself lucky. They are all the rage here...they are rubber bands in the shape of things...animals, dinosaurs, vehicles, anything. The kids wear them on their arms (kind of like those black bracelets we used to wear from the Madonna era) and trade them.

Owen just watches and laughs at his big brothers.